Why stay in Ilhabela


When you arrive for the first time at Ilhabela, you feel like you came in heaven. Its 45 beaches of thin sand will allow you to rest, enjoy the sea and the sunbaths. If some beaches are accessible by trails, others will require a boat. During the transfer, you may be lucky enough to be joined by dolphins, jumping and playing. The beaches on the ocean side, like Castelhanos, are breath-taking, but the marine currents may be strong. For a swim, you will prefer the beaches do Perequê, Engenho d'Agua and Santa Tereza which are very pleasant.

Once you realize that you are about to be sunburtn, it is time to practice sport and have some drink. You can begin with a dive into blue-green waters, with colorful fishes and funny sea turtles; or you will enjoy the hills and mountains for a trek. The Pico do Baepi, which is around 1.000-meter high is a good start but if you feel very good, you may try the 1.400 meters of the Pico do São Sebastião.

With all those efforts, you will have to find the best place to have dinner. You may choose the Praia do Oscar whose beach restaurant is wonderful, or the modern South American food restaurant Portofino that offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere which is ideal for families or couples. Ilhabela is a paradise that will make you feel better than ever.


Local Bites

  1. Portofino

A very cozy place in a nice atmosphere that serves typical Brazilian food perfectly cooked.

Where: Porto Pacuíba - Avenida Leonardo Reale, 2392 – Viana.

  1. Pontos Das Letras

A mix between a book shop and a coffee that makes you feel comfortable in an instant.

Where: R. Dr. Carvalho, 146

  1. Allmirante Bar & Restaurante

Begin with a drink and move to a nice dinner of seafood at sea front and grant you a wonderful sunset.

Where: Av Governador Mario Covas Junior, 16600

  1. Maniericao

An accessible place where the waiters are pleasant and the food is served well.

Where: Av. Forca Expedicionaria Brasileira, 20 | Centro

  1. Ilha Sul

Deepened in a natural environment, the Indonesian food is tasty and the service is great.

Where: Av. Riachuelo, 287 | AV Riachuelo


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