Exclusive Guide To Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival

When people think of Rio de Janeiro, the first thing that usually comes to mind is beautiful beach, passion for football, and of course, the famous Rio Carnival.  Carnival is the iconic party that happens once a year between Feburary and March, fourty days before Easter. This city wide celebration usually covers 5 days starting on a Saturday and ending on the Wednesday, however unofficial warm-up parties start from January. As a guest of Rio Exclusive, you can experience Rio Carnival in style from exclusive access to our local network of the best that Carnival has to offer to VIP entry to the Sambodromo where the famous Samba parades takes place.

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Bola Preta

"Cordão Bola Preta", founded in 1918, is one of the oldest and most traditional blocks of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Also known as the "Black Ball", it is the typical street carnival that, given its "fame", brings together thousands of people from diverse nationalities and has become almost a compulsory itinerary of foreign tourists who expect eager to fall into the revelry.

Trombone players Rio Carnival

Banda de Ipanema

"Banda de Ipanema", another traditional block that enchants the revelers in the carnival season, is also one of the most popular, for its mixture of cultures, ethnicities. It is a true "paradise of fun", leaves always on Saturday of Carnival and begins in General Osório square, in a sophisticated and elegant neighborhood with the very high privilege of being on the seafront of Ipanema. The rhythm of the samba blocks is contagious and vibrant, especially when he starts playing the carioca theme: "Cidade Maravilhosa". This block begins two weeks before Carnival, officially opening the season of the revelry. Rio Exclusive can take you to the right places, where you will enjoy good music, beautiful sceneries and very "cool" people.

Busy streets at Rio Carnival Blocos


On the other hand, if you will come to spend the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, you can not miss going to the "cradle" of samba: the Sambódromo!! One of the most magical and desirable places for people, where happen, every year, one of the biggest and most sensational carnival show in the world: the parades of samba schools. You will admire the best and most luxurious Rio samba schools, meticulously carved with their extraordinary designs of floats and costumes.

Both Cariocas (natives or not), are absolutely euforic and "infected" by the samba schools, precisely because the energy generated creates a light atmosphere, playful and indescribable beauty. Rio Exclusive will be able to offer you exclusive access to this event - not only by purchasing the tickets that are also available to the public, but by accessing the "VIP" cabins and luxury suites, which are usually reserved for the brazilian and international elite.

Rio Exclusive can also take you, exclusively, to watch the rehearsals of the city's samba schools, such as: Mangueira, Salgueiro, Portela, which are held all year round on the school's own premises. These samba rehearsals are a great party that mixes tourists, cariocas, sambistas and musicians, to dance, sing and drink all night. For any client who wishes to experience the true local samba experience, this is the best way.

Rio Carnival 2015 - Parade Celebrations Sambodromo


Another great option is to actually take part in one of the parades! Rio Exclusive helps you participate in a parede, so you can enjoy this experience simply unforgattable! We are ready and able to assist you in everything you need with regard to your participation, fantasy, driver service, personal guides or any other service.

Legendary Parades at Rio Carnival

Tailor Made Memories

Now, if you are in Rio de Jnaieor besides enjoying Carnival, do not forget that Rio has much more to ofeer, such as: historical tours to the Sugar Loaf, Cristo Rendetor, arches of the lapa, trails in the forest of Tijuca, Pedra da Gávea, rent of yachts, cachaça tasting (beside the drink, you can taste amazing tipical dishes). For more information about these and many other tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, our team is ready to serve you.

Rio Carnival Celebrating Girls with Glitter

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