Rio de Janeiro

Rio Exclusive is an elite agency which combines personalized real estate services, luxury vacation rentals and bespoke concierge support to meet and exceed the demands of our discerning clientele.

We are located in Rio de Janeiro at 22’ 57’ 6.26” South by 43’ 12’ 37.66’’ West. 

With the hands-on approach of our international team and our expert local knowledge, we are able to offer our clients exclusive experiences, unique opportunities, and unforgettable memories. We pride ourselves on our thorough dedication to the highest quality service and our extensive knowledge of the Brazilian market.  

With access to the very best properties and unmatched client support, we are the agency of choice for luxury travelers, executives, diplomats and international celebrities. 

Our focus on the Brazilian market and the unique partnerships we've built with the institutions and companies that dominate the luxury service market ensure a superb experience at every level. 


"My soul sings, I see Rio de Janeiro, Im dying of longing

Rio, your sea, Beach without end

Rio, you were made for me"     ------  Tom Jobim


Rio de Janeiro... the name itself conjures images of an exotic, tropical, progressive culture, filled with beach life, music and local cuisine. An atmosphere that can only be found one place in the world - in Rio.

As a traveler, your time is priceless - both in the pre-planning stage, and during your stay.  Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business - or both - you want to be able to trust someone who knows Rio, who lives in Rio, who has built up a curated portfolio of luxury properties and a network of the best concierge service providers the city can offer.

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