Corporate Relocation Services

Transitioning to a new country can present many challenges. At Rio Exclusive we are more than just a property rental agency, our relocation services ensure you settle into Rio as smoothly as possible with our bespoke concienge services and local relocation experts. We can assist with immigration and visa services, school recommendations and enrolment, bespoke city tours for the whole family, home set up (internet, phone, TV etc), car purchase or rental, domestic staff, private language cources, medial services guidance and much more.

Choose the most elite and reliable relocation service for your move

A transfer to another country is always a very exciting opportunity for professionals and their families, but one which generates many challenges in the legal, cultural, and logistical aspects of such a move, causing stress and uncertainty as well as sometimes being a very long process.  Rio Exclusive offers a range of consulting services to companies, and / or individuals, to ensure the relocation to a property of high standard, the monitoring of contracts, and a number of other post-move advisory services. 

The Highest Quality of Service from Start to Finish

We are known for quality service dedicated to every aspect of the requests and needs from our customers.  We became the leading real estate agency in the luxury market through our ability to consistently anticipate the needs of our customers. With Rio Exclusive, individuals and corporate clients will have full support every step of the relocation process. 

The Most Qualified Staff 

We have a team with vast experience in the high end and luxury international property market. We maintain connections in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Our staff is fluent in 8 languages​​. 

Security and Discretion

By choosing to Rio Exclusive, you are opting for the company that is the number 1 choice of the world's most exclusive clientele. We have years of experience providing security services and working in confidentiality and discretion, which is essential when aiding our international executives, diplomats and celebrity clients. 


When you relocate abroad there are many new responsibilities which you must take care of.  To ensure your overall ease of transition to your new city, you need to trust a company with experience and extreme customer commitment. We have years of experience dealing with the needs and tastes of some of the most demanding corporate customers in the world. 


At every stage of the process we will make sure that your goods and property are properly insured. In a global market of increasing instability is essential to make sure all your important assets come with the security of the most ironclad insurance. We work with the very best and make sure the moving process is fully insured to guarantee the results you expect.

Latest Technology

We understand that clients want to know the exact location of and expected delivery time for their valuable possessions. We can ensure that the latest tacking technology is employed to give you the knowledge you want whenever you want it.


Our attention to detail and expertise in customized services allows our team to guarantee the results you want, and provide the reliability you need.  When we provide our service to a client, an entire team will be dedicated to it.  Our reputation and customer loyalty are a testament to the reliability of Rio Exclusive.

Local Knowledge

Unlike competitors, we deal with the relocation requests directly from our offices in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  We have local connections, qualified and available personnel in each area, and wide ranging local experience.  We combine all of this local expertise and knowledge, with our personalized service conforming to an international standard. 


From the moment you make contact with us our professional staff will keep you informed on all your options and will update you on the status of the work we do on your behalf. With a multi-lingual and professional team you will have full access to us at any time.

Custom Approach 

Our team is personally involved with the needs of each client, and we use our expertise and local connections to customize each solution. Our ability to go beyond expectations and deliver outstanding results is what makes us the market leaders.

Results Beyond Your Expectations

What has brought our company success has been our ability to give everything a client requests and deliver exceptional results beyond what they expect. From locating the perfect home to the service of our elite concierge service offerings we will go above and beyond to exceed even the highest expectations.